Striving to Create Sustainable Solutions for Our Community

Our success is based on the outreach we do for our diverse transgender, non-binary and intersex communities, across dissimilar demographics to bring education and resources to the greater San Diego region over the past 6 years. We have designed and delivered a comprehensive resource guide, create a plethora safe spaces for trans/nb/intersex people to mingle, grown the community presence at San Diego Pride, and more. We stay focused and passionate about finding solutions to the everyday problems our community faces. Where can I find a support group, where can I find a job, who is a good doctor…the list goes on. Everyone needs a little help sometimes and The T-Spot is here to give it.

Exciting things to come this year!!! We are rolling out a community and work center and are looking to have mental health services available no later than the beginning of 2019.

The T-Party

The T-Party is an annual Mad Hatter theme party held to have a fun night out for our community while raising money and awareness for HIV prevention and research. Live music, djs, fashion show, awards, awesome people, props, food, tea, tea and more tea! Ok, ok its not all about the tea, but we do like to keep it fun and free to the community so check it out every November 19th at the Sunset Temple!

Trans Resource Guide

The resource guide has become a staple in our community as a way to navigate the services, groups, doctors, and more in the greater San Diego area. Working with great organizations that have paved the way on a local level for our rights have also supported us in accomplishing The T-Spot’s goal of helping connect our community to the resources they need. On our 4th year of creating this guide, we have decided to move to a more digital platform and throw more resources at the project to increase our distribution. We hope to bring a large breadth of the available resources locally and trans safe/friendly places.

San Diego Pride

San Diego Pride has supported our community more and more every year. Our partnership with San Diego Pride started with just a 10×10 booth and a small contingent, now we have a massive area for our community organization to table, games, relaxation and safe spaces away from the crowds, and much more. We were honored to of received the Spirit of Stonewall Award in 2012.